Power to the Filipina


Women in Asia-Pacific are still hitting a glass ceiling when it comes to leadership positions in government and private sector, according to MasterCard’s worldwide index of women’s advancement.

But the Philippines is one of the frontrunners in the region when it comes to women’s participation in the workforce and regular employment.

The index measured the socioeconomic standing of women in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, based on employment, education and leadership.

Among the 14 Asia Pacific countries surveyed, New Zealand ranked first with a score of 77.8, followed by Australia with 76.

The Philippines ranked third with a score of 70.5, followed by Singapore (67.5) and Taiwan (64.7).

On the other hand, India (38.0), Japan (48.1) and Korea (49.7) had the lowest index scores, showing much needs to be done to improve gender parity.

SOURCE: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/business/03/07/13/ph-ranks-3rd-asia-index-womens-advancement

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