Jobs are coming. More on the Way.

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Now is the best time to go job hunting in the Philippines because most local companies are planning to expand their businesses this year, according to

In a survey covering 440 companies, the Internet job site revealed that 52 percent of the country’s firms plan to expand as early as this quarter.

Survey results showed that the bulk of job vacancies were for sales executives, but every segment would benefit from the companies’ expansion, said

For example, it explained, a surge in new hires for sales departments will have to be balanced by a similar strengthening of marketing departments.

“There are also manufacturing firms that have transferred back from China, and foreign investors coming to the Philippines,” said. “With this, job search should be easier in the first quarter of 2013.”

The company said engineers and accountants should also be more optimistic of landing jobs this year.

Also, junior professionals would find it easy to look for work as said 57 percent of survey respondents said they would be hiring people with less than four years of work experience, while 24 percent said they were looking for supervisors and specialists.


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