Rappler Hangout: #BalikBayan: A Filipino in Every Continent

I’m really glad Rappler did this hangout. Ryan Macasero, a Southern California transplant to Manila who now works for Rappler, hosted a Google Hangout to discuss the state of the Filipino abroad. If you are as curious as I am about the Philippines, and being Filipino, this is an interesting discussion. Get yourself thinking if you haven’t really thought about it – what it means to be Filipino, especially abroad.

Included in the hangout are:

Daniel Rupinta from San Jose, Costa Rica. He is senior vice president of Citibank Service Center, Latin America.

Rachelle Peraz Ocampo from New York City, United States. She is president of United Pilipinos for Progress (UniPro) and a health educator.

Bajeng Cruz from Durban Area, South Africa. She is a Marketing Manager at Unilever South Africa.

Tracy Llanera from Sydney, Australia. She is taking up her doctorate in Philosophy at Macquarie University.

Mark Wolfisz from London, United Kingdom. He is a community organizer of One Filipino, an administrator at John Lewis, a department store chain in the UK, and an Economics graduate from Queen Mary, University of London.

Maria Ressa, Rappler CEO.

A recorded video interview of Blaise Kuo Tiong, a scientist currently living in Antarctica


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